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Here at Italia Bakery nothing gives us more pleasure than creating our authentically  Italian food. We use only the finest ingredients. Hand molded, formed and baked to perfection every time.

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Just like mamma made it. Fresh pasta sheets layered with local meat, mozzarella and of course our home made tomato and bechamel sauce.  Vegetarian available (spinach and ricotta cheese). Tell them you made it, we don’t mind!

Small $18.99 (2 - 3 servings)
Large $45.99 (8 - 10 servings)

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Pasta Sauces

Our home made pasta sauces are made with only the finest Italian plum tomatoes, enough said! Chose from tomato, bolognese, arrabiata, primavera, rustica, alfredo and bechamel.

$6.99 (Tomato)

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Our meatballs consist of a beef and pork blend.  Made fresh and par baked, priced by weight. Heat and serve.

Priced by weight.

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Frozen Pizza

Fresh Romano dough topped with our premium home made pizza sauce. Varieties may vary from time to time. Heat and serve.


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Italian Sausage by Moccia Urbani

Since 1968 Moccia Urbani has been producing high quality Italian sausages with only the finest of ingredients. Nitrate free, all natural and no additives. We are a proud retailer of the Moccia line.

3 pack of hot or mild, prices may vary by weight. 

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Risotto Balls by Moccia Urbani

Moccia Urbani risotto balls are made with the finest rice in the world, Carnaroli. Flavors to chose from are mozzarella, Italian sausage, tomato and sausage, porcini mushroom and primavera.